Unable to authenticate with other apps except IDM after migration

I initially installed flowable on my local machine but after going through some of the tutorials, I moved it to a remote server by doing the following:
1 - installed Tomcat 9
2 - Dropped the Application WAR files in tomcat
3 - Exported the db
4 - Dropped a flowable-ui-app.properties file in the <tomcat_install_dir>/lib directory
5 - Changed the following columns in the ACT_ADM_SERVER_CONFIG table to reflect the move:
a) SERVER_ADDRESS_ -> fqdn of the server
b) PORT -> 80

Niginx proxies for the tomcat.
Since these changes I find I am only able to login to the IDM but not the other apps. When I do I just get redirected to the idm login screen but can’t login in.

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Try setting the following properties

rest.process.app.host: http://
rest.dmn.app.host: http://
rest.form.app.host: http://
rest.content.app.host: http://

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Your suggestion worked.
Just for a bit more clarity for those that may stumble upon this in the future, all four lines now have the same value i.e., rest.(app-type).app.host: http://my.fqdn.com


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I had the same symptoms and the issue was I was using email addresses as user ids also…