Unable to access H2 Database from H2 Console

Hello gurus,

I have enabled H2 console by modifying spring properties in the flowable-default.properties file.

However, when trying to connect to the database, I am getting the error -
Database may be already in use: null. Possible solutions: close all other connection(s); use the server mode [90020-200] 90020/90020

On the H2 console, I am giving the following parameters -
Driver Class: org.h2.Driver
JDBC URL: jdbc:h2:~/flowable-db/db
Username: flowable
Password: flowable

Anything that I am missing here ?

Thanks and Regards

The solution is told in the error message. Unless you explicitly so define in the H2 configuration, it starts in single user mode. Read H2 documentation for SERVER mode.

If you use file url then you can connect to the DB file with some tool after the app is shut down and the single connection is free.

Thanks for the reply Mike.

Yes, I could see the message, but, a little confused as to where I could change these settings.

Could you please point me to exactly where I could play with the Flowable H2 configuration please ?
My apologies, but, I couldn’t find it even after due search. Pardon my ignorance please!

Further, I was able to connect to flowable after shutting down the app as advised, however, I could see that there was no data corresponding to proceses created, DMN models, etc. despite them being present in the application.
Am I missing something here ?

Thanks in advance !

Best Regards …

Use a JDBC url such as (this will create a folder flowable in the user home):