Flowable Database?

Flowable default database configuration?
How to see the database console of the Flowable users, forms, processes by the default configuration?

I would like to see the database tables and further on retrieve it. Is it possible?
I’m not sure whether this topic falls into flowable engine or flowable application.


What do you mean by seeing the database console?

Usually every database has a dedicated console / UI where you can inspect the tables. For example MySQL has MySQL Workbench, Postgres has PgAdmin, etc. There are other generic tools that allow you to connect and view databases through them.

In case you are referring to the Flowable tables and accessing them you can to that through REST. Have a look at the REST API Database Tables section of the documentation.

In case you want to access them through the Java API have a look at the ManagementService

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Sorry, I referred database console as what you’ve explained, dedicated console.
webapps\flowable-idm\WEB-INF\classes\flowable-default.properties by default is connected to h2 database
It contains this block of codes


So I would like to use the dedicated console to inspect the tables inside. How do I do it?
Thanks for your help!


Spring Boot has support for enabling the h2 console during development. Have a look at Using H2’s Web Console from the Spring Boot reference documentation.

You can enable it by setting spring.h2.console.enabled=true in the application.properties in the tomcat lib folder. Make sure that this is not enabled in production.

You can then access it via /flowable-task/h2-console and then the URL would be jdbc:h2:~/flowable-db/db and the user and password are both flowable


when used flowable ingegrated with spring boot 2+, following configs can be used as open h2-console:

spring.h2.console.enabled: true
spring.datasource.username: flowable
spring.datasource.password: flowable
spring.datasource.url: jdbc:h2:mem:flowable

and you can flow the post Why does the H2 console in Spring Boot show a blank screen after logging in?. if your h2-console is blank.

after that, http://yourhost:yourport/your-serlvet-context-path/h2-console can be accessd.


when i tried to access H2 database from URL its give me error that database already in use.

Hi filiphr,

Getting error as
“Database may be already in use: null. Possible solutions: close all other connection(s); use the server mode [90020-199]](http://localhost:8080/flowable-task/h2-console/test.do?jsessionid=7c49153ba3709828440420c64e39f8ad#) 90020/90020”