timeDuration configuration for every N days on N hours & N minutes for a specific timezone


I have a requirement wherein i have to run a process with a interval of 7 days.
And on the 7th day, the process should run at 2 PM EST.
Is there any configuration which will meet this requirement.

P7D - will run on every 7 day,
PT2H - will run on every 2 Hour,
PT1M - will run on every 1 minute,

But combination of this lets say PT7D2H30M will run on every 7th day, 2.30 AM ?

And also this should run on specific timezone irrespective of server timezone, lets say the server timezone is UTC & requirement time is EST.

Please help

Hey @smjaveed,

I think that you have three options to do this.

Use CRON Expression

You can use cron expressions and set the time of running in the server zone (if you know that all your servers are running in the same zone). You can also manually set the timezone for the Java application to a fix value.

Implement your own custom business calendar

You can create a custom BusinessCalendar

Use and register the AdvancedCycleBusinessCalendar

You can register the AdvancedCycleBusinessCalendar with the engine and then use that one as a custom business calendar.


@filiphr how to use the AdvanceCycleBusinessCalender in flowable engine is there any documentation to follow.