TimeCycle at Timer Start Event

Hi, we have integrated flowable (6.4.2) in our application and we need to implement a feature in that could run a system task (e.g. extending JavaDelegate) once every day.
We try to test that in Development Single Machine Environment.
The BPMN :
ScreenHunter 1841 May. 01 19.00

The time expression:

After BPMN deployment the system task’s log:

It’s supposed the job run 6 times at 5 minutes internal. But once deployed to the server, it seems the jobs ran 6 times at 10 seconds intervals. Did the syntax wrong in the bpmn ?

That syntax looks correct - however it could be due to the timezone difference (it’s set to +08:00, but the server is running in CST), that all repetitions perhaps were already in the past?