Timer Start Event doesn't start sometime on given time

Hi @joram , @tijs,

I am using flowable to automate some of the processes in my environment. For that I have used Timer Start Event to trigger my workflow after some iterations using the cron expression : 0 */10 6-11,13-22 ? * * . So as per the cron expression the workflow should be triggered at every 10 mins between 06.00AM-11.00AM and 01.00PM-10.00PM daily.

But last time when the process ran, the time was 11:55PM, So I was confused because it was not expected since the execution time was wrong.

In the second phenomena, the time was gone but the workflow didn’t started. As you can see in the image attached, the due date is past time, so the workflow will never execute.


Can you please explain the possible reasons, or something that I am missing.


I’m no cron expression expert, but the expressions looks okay to me.
Can you paste the process xml, or at least the timer start event … maybe it is misconfigured?
Also: do you have the job executor running? I assume so, or the first one would never have happened, but let’s just make sure.