Testing boundaryEvent with fixed date


I’m new to flowable framework. I want to execute boundary event with fixed date time.
Use case : In one of the path of my workflow execution I want to execute a service task at specific date time. I have written the following., can somebody check what is wrong in the bpmn file. The service task execute immediately instead of waiting for the time. Also please suggest whether this is the right way to post question ? if not point me to right place.

As you modeled it the timer is used to cancel the serice task at the specified time, if it is still running.

If you want execute a service at a specific date you can use a intermediate timer catching event, see for example http://tynerblain.com/blog/2006/08/25/bpmn-intermediate-timer1/ for details.

Hi Pascal

Thanks you very much for the information. It helped me a lot to proceed further.


Hi Pascal,

I tried using intermediate timer catching event. It worked but with few exception. Always the second attempt of the timer job is successful. First attempt always says couldn’t instantiate class (in case of “flowable:class=someClassWhichImplementsJavaDelegate”) And Unknown property used in expression {someSpringbeanWhichImplementsJavaDelegate} (in case of **flowable:delegateExpression**="{someSpringbeanWhichImplementsJavaDelegate}) Please help me to understand, is there anything that i’m missing. Note that attached code is just a sample code to put my question. My actual timer is in the path of workflow execution not at beginning of the workflow.



That’s indeed really strange. Could you create a unit test showing the issue using the flowable:class property?
Just to be sure, is the flowable namespace defined as part of your definitions root element? Because I do see an activiti namespace definition, but not the flowable one.

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