Suggestions for flowable - idm framework

Can the flowable idm module be designed to be more flexible?It can be used for developer configuration.

If you would take the time to provide more details about what you think should be done to make it more flexible that would help to get a discussion started.

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Hello, TIJS
I just contacted the flowable time is today a total of only 2 days, only when using flowable UI application, the deployment of the modeler module, it is necessary to deploy a IDM module. I believe that each module is independent, so that it is more flexible and elastic. English are relatively poor. Do not know through the translation of the content of your website translation if you can understand.

我刚接触flowable时间算今天总共才2天,只是在使用flowable UI应用的时候,部署了modeler模块,就必须要部署IDM模块.我认为每个模块都是独立的,这样才更加灵活和弹性的. 英文比较差.不知道通过翻译网站翻译的内容你是否能看的懂.


Unfortunately, our Chinese is much, much worse than your English, so it isn’t clear what you would like IDM to do.

IDM is separate from the Task UI, Modeler and Admin apps so that it is more flexible in the different ways people may want to use the apps and identity management. It is necessary to have the IDM app running if you are using our default authentication. It is also possible to use custom authentication or identity management, as described in the documentation here.

Does that help?

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Hi, Paul:smiley:
As you said, if the previous project had integrated the Shiro or Spring security framework, there was no need to integrate IDM modules, right?

My original idea is to design a switch between modeler and IDM module (XML configuration or properties file), so that you can need not to modify the framework of the source code. In the deployment or creation process, need not again to verify the identity of the currently logged in person.