Store/Save a form instance over rest

In the Documentation store a forminstance.

Is described that with this method you can store a Form instance.
So my use case is to save/store a Form instance not to complete.

But with this method the Variable is only stored once. You can’t update it.

I also tried to update the the Variable over the process instance rest api. -> The Varaible is stored in Process Scope but not in Form Instance.

When i load my form “POST “/form/model”;” … i always get the wrong Variables for my form.

Not sure I’m following. When storing a form instance, it stores a ‘snapshot’ of the variables at that time. You can use it then later to retrieve that snapshot, but you’d still need to complete the form like normal.

Yes but u can only save it once.

You have a textbox with the value test1
You hit save… You open that form with that text box again you get that value test1… Now you write the value test2 in the textbox and save again. If you open that form with the textbox again you still have the old variable value test1… Not as expected test2.

I don’t want to complete the form.
The use case is store a Form as often as u want and show the latest stored values

Can you share how you’re updating the form instance?

Looking through the code (, it should pick up new values and store them.

I use the Rest endpoint /form/form-instances which points to this part of the code.

I think the problem is that the variables are loaded with “formService.getFormModelWithVariablesById” … so they are overridden after that call.

and the “old values” are stored again

Sorry for reopen this old thread, but I am facing the same problem. The values are only saved the first time I POST “/form/form-instances” (when there is no previous form instance).

Did you find any solution?