How to save form using rest api

I’m using to get form instance. But I have trouble saving form in a task, need help.

I tried:

  1., But this returns internal server error or complete task
  2., This api doesn’t

What’s the correct way to save the form without complete it, thanks!

I just found this feature in flowable-ui-task but not in flowable-rest, Am I missing anything?

I have updated my post re Flowable’s REST API.

I have run into a few issues as well …

Seems like we are in the same learning pace :slight_smile:

I found , In this issue someone added support to save form in flowable-ui-task but not in flowable-rest.

This should be easy to implement, but I don’t know much about java. Need instructions on how to build flowable and how to debug in eclipse.


Saving a form instance can be done using the Form engine REST API like it’s described in the comments in this issue:

Like mentioned there already, we need to indeed improve the REST API to make working with forms a lot easier so not several REST calls are needed.

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