Spring process engine - Re-trigger a task manually

Hi Folks,

I’m using spring boot process engine.
I need your advise for the followeing sceanrio:

I have a service task to send an email. Once successful it moves to next wait state.
I have a scenario where the user who should have received the email says they haven’t received the email. I want to resend them the email.
Question: Is there a way to re-trigger a completed task in the process flow i.e: resend the email as described in the scenario above.


@Tanwar, you can use change state api

With this you can move process execution back in history. But remember, if you have some tasks after email task, they will execute again after email is sent.

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I do not use the REST APIs from flowable.
Rather, I use the flowable SDK. Could you pls help with some code snippet to do it programmatically.

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See ChangeActivityStateBuilder (Flowable - Engine 6.8.0 API).

                .moveActivityIdTo("currentId", "toId")