How to re-execute a failed async and triggerable service task


I have a couple of service tasks in my flow which are declared as asynchronous and triggerable.


In case the execution-method in the delegate java service class throws an exception it may leave the workflow stuck.

These are not business exceptions but can be technical issues like bugs or unexpected failure to connect to external microservices.

After the cause of the failure is determined, I would like to have to option to re-execute the java service class “execute”-method.

But how can I do this ? Either directly from java or using the rest-API ?

Hi, does anyone have some input to this issue. It would be very helpful

I would assume the job has been moved to the deadletter-jobs, and you should be able to trigger execution again from there.

Thank you. I am a bit new to the concepts and can see that this is also mentioned in the documentation.