Handle failures for triggerable java service tasks

I’m not sure how to handle retries when it comes to handling failures for triggerable service tasks.

Let’s take a simple bpmn where it follows startEvent → serviceTask (async = true and triggerable = true) → endEvent

serviceTask (our custom JavaDelegate) makes rest calls to another service (let’s call serviceB) and goes to a wait state. Then serviceB will make callback to our flowable service with either SUCCESS/FAILURE callback. In case of SUCCESS callback, I can trigger and complete the task.

requirement: In case of failure callback, how do I ensure to retry the JavaDelegate.execute() method again? because the control of the flowable is in wait state of serviceTask now.

Our use case is to retry above requirement 3 times. After 3 retries move the execution to deadletter. When trying to bring back the execution from deadletter, again it should start from JavaDelegate.execute().

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