Setting retries to 0


We dont need flowable to retry executing our async jobs either in case of exceeding timeout or in case of exceptions.

So I was just trying out few things using a simple flow of service task --> timer --> service task.
When timer state is reached, flowable adds entry to ACT_RU_TIMER_JOB table.
And after the elapsed time a thread picks up the job and moves to, ACT_RU_JOB table.
I put a break point in my code to block it, and manually updated the reties=0 field in ACT_RU_JOB table and waited for 5 mins.

But still after 5 minutes, this job was picked by another thread.
My understanding was when retired =0, it should be moved to deadletter table.


Have a look at this configuration :




        AbstractRuntimeJobEntity newJobEntity = null;
    if (job.getRetries() <= 1) {
        newJobEntity = jobService.moveJobToDeadLetterJob(job);
    } else {
        newJobEntity = timerJobService.moveJobToTimerJob(job);
    newJobEntity.setRetries(job.getRetries() - 1);

If you set retries in debugger, you should move job to deadletter/timer jobs.