How to manually retry job moved to deadletter job table

When a timer fires and the job execution causes an exception, the engine will retry for a configured number of times. When when it reaches the retry count, the job is moved to the deadletter jobs table. If the issue causing the exception/problem has been resolved, I’m assuming that the correct course of action is to move the job from the deadletter table back to the executable job table ? Is that correct?
Given that none of the timer values will be updated (due date etc) when the job is moved back to the executable table, the timer should trigger/fire the next time the asnyc executor checks. Is that the correct way to “retry” or “re-fire” a timer that was moved to the deadletter table?


Yes that’s correct. When a job is moved from the deadletter table to the executable jobs table, the job will be immediately executed because the async executor is notified that a job has been added.

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