Unwanted retries: DefaultAsyncJobExecutor

Hi there.
I have a process that takes a list of items and does processing over them in a script task.
Since it takes between 15 and 30 min to finish processing I have marked the script task as async.
In side the script I write to the log file to see the progress for debugging.
I can see that there are no errors reported but after some time (while processing is still happening) new log lines are created indicating that the script task started executing from the beginning and before it finishes it will start a 3rd time.
I have noticed in the ru_jobs table that the number of retries are being decremented, even below 0.
I have had retries gone down to -3.
Is there some timeout setting after which flowable decides that the async job has failed if it has not completed running?
For the moment I have worked around the problem by processing the list items in batches of 100 looping back into the same script task to start a new transaction (and a new job) until all items are processed.


By default the asyncJobLockTimeInMillis is set to 5 minutes. When you have such long running tasks you should increase this value to 40 - 60 min or so. With 5 minutes, the job is considered to be failed after 5 minutes and the job will be retried again.

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Thanks a lot.
I will try that.