ServiceTask - FlowableClassLoadingException: Could not load class

I have a ServiceTask referencing my own class org.flowable.Cases.

I developed this Java class using Eclipse with Maven, and got the Jar using the Create Deployment Artifacts option, put this Jar in the tomcat/lib folder, and restarted Tomcat

I’m getting the following error when the execution of the process reaches the ServiceTask:

Caused by: org.flowable.engine.common.api.FlowableClassLoadingException: Could not load class: org.flowable.Cases
at org.flowable.engine.common.impl.util.ReflectUtil.loadClass(
at org.flowable.engine.common.impl.util.ReflectUtil.instantiate(
… 107 more
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/flowable/engine/delegate/JavaDelegate


Create deployment artifacts generates a BAR file that can be deployed on the Flowable Engine and includes the BPMN XML file, but not the Java classes.
You just need to create a normal JAR artifact like you would do with any other Java Maven project. And then just make this JAR file available on the classpath, tomcat/lib or the application WEB-INF/lib folder.

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Hi, I’m encountering a similar problem as yours, were you able to resolve the issue?