How to Deploy Code in Flowable


Can someone please share the details of of how to deploy code in Flowable Engine. I developed a Prococess which had only BPMN xml, that was deployed using Flowable Admin UI application.

Now I have written a new process in which BPMN xml, refers to some Java classes ( as part of Service Task). Please share how, I can deploy this project. Was going through some stuff on internet and someone mentioned that you can export the code using Eclipse plugin as a BAR file. But the BAR file only had BPMN xmls and not the Java code.

Hope I have explained my question in detail. I want to deploy the process and trigger/execute through an external application using RESTful call.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I havent worked yet with the java service task, but the java service code has to be compiled, I think you have to get the source code and construct the entire project to include your java service to be executed.

Once you compiled and construct the project, you only have to reference the correct package on the bpmn modeler app.


Your (compiled) custom Java code has to be on the classpath of the container running your process.
F.e. if you want to run your process on the Task app the jar containing your service task logic has to be on the classpath of the Task app. If you’re running on Tomcat it has to be in the Tomcat lib folder or in the WEB-INF/lib of the Task app.



Thanks a lot for replying. Yes, I created a JAR file of the java code which my BPMN file is referring to and added it to the WEB-INF/lib of the Flowable-TASK as well as FLOWABLE-REST (as am executing thei process through a REST call) war files .

Ok, then it should work as expected right?
Or are you running into issues?

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Its working as expected. Thanks again @tijs

Its a nice explanation and a Flowable feature that I didnt know.

@tijs for SOAP call I got an idea seeing this post.

Could the user create the SOAP WS client in any IDE and then encapsulates the objects generated in a jar and after that include the jar in a lib folder.

well just an idea i didnt know how to achieve this.

what do you think?

Thanks for the details @tijs.

Just to follow up on that question, is it possible to deploy the custom code at runtime via a deployment call/technique?

I am thinking not only about standard java classes or jars files, but also about script tasks that execute JavaScript or Groovy code.

Thanks, Conor.

Hi Conor,

We don’t support this right now, but it would indeed be nice to have the script logic externalized in separate script files. Could you create a Github issue if you think it would be a nice new feature? We do already have support to change the script using the DynamicBpmnService interface on the Flowable Engine. This allows you to dynamically change the script logic while not having to restart the Engine.

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