Service task error

Below is my code.

Below is my modeler diagram for service task.

I have created a jar file, added that jar in
C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\webapps\flowable-task\WEB-INF\lib
When I ran process in flowable-task
got below eror in tomcat.

I am confused, because I don’t have activit in my code, then why am i getting this error.

Hey @vsriramb123,

Are you sure that the jar you’ve copied is the on from your IDE? Are you sure that you don’t have 2 jars with the same servicetask2.NumberFinder class?


Hi Filiphr…
I have checked , and jar file has that class.
This time I have written and checked the simillar program infact same and checked in eclipse IDE, using Junit, it is working fine in eclipse. But not in Flowable.

Up on seeing error , I thought it is unable to find that calss in .pom , and added the dependency, but ended with no luck.
Note: after every change I am stoping Tomcat and re starting it.

Ned help.
Thanks & Regards,

I tried many exmples, and getting the same Class not found eror.

Hi Filiphr,
I have deleted commented lines and also wrote the same code in a different class, now it is working.
Screen is attached below. May be editor eror, or in earlier version there was a throw in execution, and in Flowable throw is not compatable,…Am guessing.
Thank you for your time.