resultVariablePrefix in 6.3.0 is broken

Storing the result of an httptask in a resultVariablePrefix results in null.
this used to work in 6.2.1

A small test project can be downloaded here: httptest

This can be tested in the following example:

	<serviceTask id="httptask" name="httptask" flowable:type="http">
			<flowable:field name="requestMethod">
			<flowable:field name="requestUrl">
			<flowable:field name="requestHeaders">
				<flowable:string><![CDATA[Content-Type: application/json]]></flowable:string>
			<flowable:field name="resultVariablePrefix">

			<flowable:executionListener event="end"
				<flowable:field name="script">
				<flowable:field name="language">


In 6.3.0 the prefix is prepended without a dot in between, so you should use execution.getVariable("helloResponseBody").

This was changed in

Anyone know why this was changed?
Will my current processes break when I upgrade to 6.3?

I believe it was changed to make it possible to use the variable names in JUEL expressions, see:

I guess you have to update your processes before upgrading to 6.3. :frowning:

@tijs I think it would be helpful if this behavior change was added to the 6.3.0 release/update note. What do you think?

Upgrading the processes is the least of my concerns. What about process instances that are running.
Since this change is probably not backwards compatible, running (active instances ) processes will break.

Indeed, if they depend on the variables to be in the old format (for example on a sequence flow condition).
Is it an option to deploy the very same process definition, just with the condition expression change and then call SetProcessDefinitionIdCmd with the new version for all the process instances?

A work-around for this as follows if you use the result in scripts:

if (responseBody==null) {