HttpActivityBehaviorImpl and HttpRequest using dots in variable names

The Http task sets up many variables such as responseStatusCode with a dot notation.

execution.setVariable(request.getPrefix() + ".responseStatusCode", response.getStatusCode());

Using dots in variable names makes life hard in JUEL expressions. This could have been solved if the default prefix itself included the dot, then putting a custom result prefix without it could have helped, but now there is now way to avoid it.

I couldn’t find a way to escape the dot in UEL, so I needed to get the variables from the execution object. (Any other suggestions welcome)

My feeling is that it is inconvenient enough to warrant changing the implementation. Other thoughts?

Or alternatively and perhaps better is to have the variables be part of a javabean so that fields are naturally accessed with EL’s dot notation.

Very true, we should definitely change this and not use notation. Will make sure we change this asap.

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Thanks, should I add a github issue?

Already fixed it:

Thanks for raising the issue here on the forum!

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Looks good, thanks for the quick response!