REST: correct way to get start form model

Hi all.

What is the correct REST routine to get a “start form” model for particular process definition?

Currently I can only see triple-call method to achieve it with flowable-rest:

  1. GET /flowable-rest/service/form/form-data?processDefinitionId=PROCDEF_ID gives us a formKey;
  2. GET /flowable-rest/form-api/form-repository/form-definitions?key=FORM_KEY&latest=true gives us a form definition’s id;
  3. at last, GET /flowable-rest/form-api/form-repository/form-definitions/FORMDEF_ID/model gives us a model.

On the other hand, flowable-task app uses single undocumented call: GET /flowable-task/app/rest/process-definitions/PROCDEF_ID/start-form

So, which method is correct, if any? Also, will flowable-task’s call be standartized in future releases?


Also, see:

@xcaptain, @Robinyo thank you and sorry for late answer.

The distinctive part of my question is that it concern the start form, that is – correct me if I wrong – has to be fetched before the process is instantiated.

Anyway, I’m using that “3 requests” method now because the second approach – apart from being undocumented – seems to be unable to work with basic auth.

We are facing the same problem, submit a form and get a form are undocumented in flowable(several rest api can do these).

It would be great if the flowable team can standardize the rest api, also I found that the rest api is so much different with the flowable-ui-task http api.

The rest api can’t fullfill all my needs, I’m learning the java examples,

You are correct, to quote the Users Guide:

“A start form is a form that is shown to the user before the process instance is started, …”

I haven’t been able to find a ‘consuming Flowable’s REST API example’ (there isn’t one in the Flowable Examples repository) :frowning:

So I am working my way through the Users Guide, the OpenAPI docs, the REST API end points and the HTTP verbs :slight_smile:

The Flowable Task application internal REST API has indeed some improvements to make it easy to fetch the form of a specific process definition or task and submit this form. The logic uses the Java service API available in the BPMN / CMMN and Form engine.

What needs to be done is to expose this REST API in the BPMN / CMMN Engine REST API directly, so you don’t need to do several REST calls. I’ll try to get some first version implemented in the next couple of days.

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