Reschedule timer event using the BPMN REST API


I try to find a way to reschedule an intermediated timer event using the BPMN REST API. Is this possible at all?
I understand that it is possible to use the Java API ManagementService. But I would like to keep using the REST API only.

* Reschedule a timer job with a time duration.
* @param jobId
* id of the timer job to reschedule, cannot be null.
* @param timeDuration
* How long the timer should run before it is fired in ISO 8601 format. For example, PT10D means the timer will run for 10 days before it fires.
Job rescheduleTimeDurationJob(String jobId, String timeDuration);

Thank you.

  • Christian

Hi @amporsim
Thanks for the answer.

I looked into the same endpoint but I don’t think it will do the job of rescheduling the job.