Issue with rescheduling a timer job

Firstly I would like to thank you for the great framework.
I would like to share an issue I have when I try to reschedule a timer job. I have a controller from which I invoke ms.rescheduleTimeCycleJob(jobId, “0 0/5 * * * ?”);
As a result a new job is created but its process definition is null, thus when it tries to start it fails with a NPE. I noticed that the process definition is set in org.flowable.engine.impl.util.TimerUtil.createTimerEntityForTimerEventDefinition(TimerEventDefinition, FlowElement, boolean, ExecutionEntity, String, String)
and is acquired from an executionEntity, instead of the existing job. In my case the executionEntity is null.
Do you think it is a bug or I am missing something?

Thank you,

Hey @milenm,

Are you by any chance trying to reschedule a timer job for a timer start event?

I would advice changing the process definition itself and deploying a new version for this to be done.

If that is not the case can you provide some more input in how this timer job was created?


Hi Filip,
Yes I am trying to reschedule a timer start event. I was hoping that I can re-schedule it “at runtime” without the need to re-deploy a new definition. My ultimate goal is to provide the capability for a client to change the start time, even though the process is deployed with a default one.

Thank you and happy new year.