Flowable Boundary TImer not Updating on past datetime


I’m trying to update my boundary timer with past date through flowable runtime process variables but it is not updating the variables and executing the task on which the boundary timer is defined.
Can you please help in as to how to update the timer with past dates?

PFA bpmn model.

Hi vkdtu,

Timers are scheduled at the time when they are created. To reschedule the timer use managementService. e.g.

     * Reschedule a timer job with a time duration.
     * @param jobId
     *            id of the timer job to reschedule, cannot be null.
     * @param timeDuration
     *            How long the timer should run before it is fired in ISO 8601 format. For example, PT10D means the timer will run for 10 days before it fires.
    Job rescheduleTimeDurationJob(String jobId, String timeDuration);


Can we provide the past date time to the management service api for timers?

yes, e.g.

Job rescheduledJob = managementService.rescheduleTimeDateJob(timerJob.getId(), sdf.format(new Date(0)));