Queues and Intermediate Catching Events

I have Flowable process based on queues. I used already “start event registry event” which works fine, and as Task I used “send event task”, also works fine even with triggerable settings. Now I have “event gateway” and two catching event going from it. I want to communicate with those also with queues, but I see any particular settings that I can found like for example in “start event registry event”. How can I achieve it? The image shows problematic part of the process:

Not sure I’m following yet - do you mean that it’s not possible right now to have an event gateway + event receive? Or something else?

Some kind of i guess? I feel lack of event gateway + something that will communicate with queues like Rabbit. Something that will allow me to listen and then receive the info(or at least the signal) from the queue. So yes, some kind of event receive sounds fine, but non of them has properties corelated with queues as far as I know.

UP, anyone have any idea how can i achieve that?

Hey @olekkosma,

In 6.6 there will be an intermediate event event registry catch event that you will be able to use it. Currently it is not possible to achieve this with an event receive.


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That’s great news. At least now I know why it doesn’t work. Does anyone know when 6.6 will be released? I couldn’t find any info about that. Thanks Filip!