Listen to the queue in Send Event Task

How can I listen to the particular queue via sendEventTask but without sending the message at first? SendEventTask has an option:
“Set service task to be triggerable” , which waits for the ‘confirm’ message to move on in the process. But i want to achive this without sending the messages. There is that possibility in Flowable?

Current behavoiur:

  1. Send message -> Wait for another message -> move on in process
    Expected behaviour:
  2. Wait for message -> move on in process

Actually I am looking for something like “receiveEventTask”, because sendEventTask sends the message by design(I guess).

No it doesn’t look like you can do that with the SendEventTask. What you can do is to use a Boundary Event Registry Event to listen for events anywhere in your workflow.

I had that luck that flowable released new version 6.6 with receiveEventTask which allows me to do that. So Actually the problem is solved. I need to switch to a new version and use new tasks :). Thanks for reply.