Proposal for new method processInstanceBusinessKeyLike to HistoricProcessInstanceQuery

I am planning in adding a new method processInstanceBusinessKeyLike(String businessKeyLike) to the HistoricProcessInstanceQuery API and implementations because I have a need for it.

I would like to know if a pull request with this feature would be accepted or if there is a specific reason why this is not desirable.

I remark there is already a similar method in the TaskInfoQuery API for retrieving tasks where the process business key is like a given a string.

Hey @moraleda,

Thanks for offering to do a PR. There is no reason to reject such a PR, so feel free to submit one and we would review it and merge it to master.

Have a look at the ProcessInstanceQuery as well, you could add the same method there as well.


Thank you @filiphr. I went ahead and implemented the feature, including adding support to ProcessInstanceQuery as well, as you suggested. I also added support to the corresponding REST api queries via the new parameter businessKeyLike The pull request is at