Custom db mapping to allow new API parameters

I am working on a project where we need to be able to search for all the processes instances started by a list of users ids, so I am trying to include a new db mapping to create the sql select, just like described in the following issue I have just created on github: Allow to search for processes started by a list of users · Issue #3184 · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub

Has anyone worked on such kind of customization?

What is the best approach?
Try to create a custom module or change the source code, and build a custom flowable version from it?

The HistoricProcessInstance has a ‘startUserId’ for this purpose, so I’m not sure why you need a custom mapping?

Tks for the answer, but what I need is not a parameter for a single user id, but instead, I need a list of user ids.
What I need is a way to find all the process started by, for example, joram and douglascrp in a single call.

I used the tasks example, as in there, it’s possible to search for assigneeIds, a list of users, and what is need is to be able to do the same, but for process startedBy several users.

I hope my requirement is clear now.

Right. In that case, it feels like adding support for that in the HistoricProcessInstanceQuery is the way to go. Which isn’t that much work (enhance query, add to mapping and a unit test). Is this something you want/could contribute?

Yes, sure.

I’m already working on that.

For the runtime process, it’s already working, and I’m right now testing the same for the process history.

Ok, except for the unit tests, I have the code working now.

As I was working locally, I will have to prepare a fork and send the changes as a PR.

Cool, looking forward to it!