Process stops on failed e-mail task

I have a process with call activity. Inside the called subprocess, there is an asynchronous email task parallel to some logic. The problem is that if the email task faills with exception the subprocess never ends and parent process stucks on call activity.
Failed e-mail task is not critical in my case so I want the process to continue. Is there any way to do it?

Hi odubinkin,

There are several possibiities, just 2 of them:

  1. BPMN - fire the signal/message instead of email task. Based on the signal/message a process instance to send email can be started. It will decouple both executions.
  2. Try to catch and swallow the exception from the email task.


Hi Martin,
Thanks for your reply! The first option looks good. Could you clarify the second one a bit? This exception is not a BpmnError, so I can’t catch it in BPMN.

You can implement your own email task, swallow exception there.