Safely Handle Synchronous Task Failures (avoid re-run)


I’m aware of the async job and how it moves to dead letter.

My questions is regarding going ahead with synchronous tasks and if something fails, then how to make sure we don’t re-execute the service tasks which were executed succesfully.

For example:

wait state 1 → make API call (service task1) → send email (service task 2) → wait state 2

When my flow moves from wait state 1 followed by executing service task 1 successfully but fails sending email i.e. service task 2. Then my flow will come back to wait state 1.

Now if I re-trigger the flow from wait state 1 , how can I avoid executing service task1 and just going ahead with task 2 which failed earlier.

is there something I can do?

Please let me know.

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