Process model is used in multiple apps


i have one process models used in multiple apps. I’m trying to reuse model as a subprocess of other models with call activiti. I found out that user task in this model appear as task in multiple apps. I thought that it will appear under ,main, process app. It is possible to achieve that? or it is some best practice with user tasks how to reuse them?

I have Two main process in two different apps (App1, App2). These two process call with Call activiti other process(both the same), which contains user task. When i run both processes i found out that in Flowable Task web app - both user tasks appear under App1 instead of one user task under both app.

Thank you very much

The filtering happens based on the deploymentId. So if you have two different deployments, they should show up in the relevant app. Which probably means that app1 contains the process used in the call activity? If so, one option could be to bundle the called process in both apps.

Joram thank you for your reply,

That’s the thing. They should appear in both. But appears just in one. One process model is bundled in two different models. Task from this model appear just in one app instead of both app. Any other advice please?