Problem with localhost:8088

Hi, I am new in community. I have a problem since few hours.
Tomcat have installed, server is running - when i choose localhost:8088 (because I changed my port to 8088) site Tomcat is opening.
But when I added “/flowable-task” to URL, I appeared to login and password window. Why?
The same is when I try with port 8080.

I can add logs if someone can to help me.

@Krispekowy I’m having some trouble understanding your question. Are you asking why you are prompted to login? If so it’s because flowable can use authentication to control what users can see based on what tasks they are assigned, etc. By default, the username is admin and the password is test. If you need to add new users, you can navigate to /flowable-idm and manage them from there.


No, I am having problem with this:

It is redirecting me to 8080, I have no idea why… And still I am seeing window to log in. This is systems window (chrome)

There is a property called which defaults to http://localhost:8080/flowable-idm you can either change it or just change the port when it tries to login.


I am writing URL address: http://localhost:8088/flowable-task and click ENTER.
Next I am seeing window like above.

Edit: I am tried once again and the same problem… Maybe i will send you informations from cmd window?

The process that is occurring:

  1. You attempt to access flowable-task
  2. Flowable-task detects you are not authenticated
  3. You get sent to flowable-idm to logon

Assuming you’ve deployed the flowable-idm war, you can just change http://localhost:8080/flowable-idm/#/login?redirect... to http://localhost:8088/flowable-idm/#/login?redirect... and you’ll get a screen like this:

Ok, I am tried your’s solution, but now my page is still loading. Window didn’t opening. Maybe we are going on good direction… :slight_smile: