Redirect issue at login

I have just installed flowable in AWS on an EC2 instance. No proxy or anything. I took all of the war files and put them in the webapps folder of the tomcat.
I added a file in the lib folder of the tomcat with only one line:
I have not changed database so I am using default H2.

I went to http://server-url:8080/flowable-idm and added users. I did also change the password for admin. So far so good.

When I try to go to http://server-url:8080/flowable-task I am redirected to flowable-idm and prompted with the login page. Ok. I enter admin and the newly changed password. I am once again redirected back to the login page and prompted for username and password. No special error message occurs.
When I enter an invalid password I get an error message just below the login-box saying ‘invalid credentials’. Entering the correct password once again I still get back to the same page but now the error message is gone.

The url in the browser looks like this:

What have I missed in my setup to make this work?
(On my local laptop with a local tomcat using localhost everything works as expected)


Hi @chbe8475

It looks similar to this toipic Redirecting to login page when id admin password other than test

Hi @rgorzkowski,
Yes, the symptons are the same. However, I am using the downloaded war-files in a tomcat, I am not using docker at all.
By changing the password back to ‘test’ it sure works, but I would really like to change the default password :slight_smile:
Is there a property to set in the


Hi @chbe8475

What about property ?

I changed the following:




See: How To: Flowable and LDAP