Rest authentication configuration during install process

Once I got my Flowable server running, the first thing I did was to change the admin password.

That was ok, and the flowable-idm application kept working ok.

After that, I tried to log in the other applications, and then everything stopped working, and the redirect was always going back to the login screen, not for Invalid Credentials, but for incorrect configuration.

By reading the documentation, I found the parameters

Once I changed the password in the configuration to match the one I used when redefining the user password, everything start working again.

So, my doubt is, is really required to change the configuration every time I change the admin user’s password?
I mean, after every change, do I really have to restart the application because of this change?

Thank you in advance.

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Any tip on this?
I am still trying to find more information on the topic.


The other apps need to be able to communicate with the IDM app to get the user information.
For that REST call basic auth is used to authenticate it, and the other apps don’t have any direct connection to the user credentials. So that’s why it needs to be configured in a property file, so that user will be used for the basic auth value in the REST call. If you see other possibilities to solve this then please share them so we can look into it.

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Now I understand it, but I do not have suggestion on how to change that.

Thank you for your answer.

I had the same symptoms and the issue was I was using email addresses as user ids also. Oh well.