Opening next human task dialog form without going to tasks menu

is it possible to configure or code the following behaviour:

  • when asignee completes current task dialog, to open the next dialog immediately after for the same asignee, without the need to go to the task menu.
    My use case is that a single user will be performing all the tasks and since user is known, it would save a lot of time to not go back and forth to the task menu.
    Ideally some checkbox in the dialog configuration, something like “Show The Next Task When Completed”, but any solution is welcomed.


That’s currently not out of the box possible (nor in the UI nor in one API call). You will have to add your own service logic on top of the Flowable API’s where you basically:

  • complete the task
  • do a task query for the same user
  • return the first task of the list that comes back