Open Manual Activated Tasks


Does anybody know how I can set up a manually activated tasks in a way, that it changes the status directly to the edit mode with one click? So that the user does not need to first click to activate it, and then click a second time to open it?


What environment/produc/tool are you referring to? I assume you also are talking about a CMMN human task?

Yes, it would be in Flowable Design, and I am talking about a CMMN task. Both following cases would be interesting:

  • Human Task: When the user manually activates the human task, it gets opened directly.
  • Process Task: When the user manually activates the subprocess, the first human task within the subprocess is opened directly.

Sorry for the lack of information at first.

Note that this is the open-source forum. As Design is an enterprise product, the question is better suited on the enterprise forum:

Assuming you’re talking about Flowable Work (as you mention Design), isn’t that what happens? The task is already open to click on the activate button.

That’s a more tricky problem: there could be 0-x tasks active when the process instance is started. A new query would need to be fired from the UI and a random one would show up (hence why now nothing is shown)

Ah I see, alright thank you for the hint regarding the forum.

Well let’s say, the usability “problem” occurs in Flowable Work and I hope to find the solution to it within Flowable Design (tweaking an attribute on the task in the CMMN editor).

For us the user journey in Flowable Work is like this:

  1. User klicks on the manually activatable task
  2. After the click the tasks gets listed in the tasklist
  3. User klicks on the task in the tasklist to open and edit it.

And naturally the second click should be saved, as the user clearly wants to open and edit the task, when he first clicks on the manually activatable task.

Maybe something is set up differently, that is why it happens differently for you, I don’t know…