Activate a task within another task

I have the following issue:

Depending on a checkbox in task X being checked or not, task Y should be activated or not. Modelled in CMMN, you can place an entry criterion (checkbox = true) on task Y. But by that, task Y only activates when task X is complete. Respectivaly the value ‘checkbox=true’ is only in the payload when task X complete.
In my use case it is crucial that task Y activates when task X is saved and not only when it is complete, as user should/can not be forced to have task X completed before being able to do task Y.

Does anybody know if this possible to model in CMMN (or BPMN) and if yes, how?

Thanks and cheers,

That’s currently not possible. The upcoming version will have a new concept called ‘variable listeners’ that will allow to do this.

Alright, thank you for your reply!

Do you happen to know when the upcoming version will be released?