Deactivate and re-activate tasks

I’ve been looking for an option to on a case, deactivate (based on a condition or input a specific task and then activate it again later.

In the following scenarios, let’s consider one case with 3 human tasks.
Scenario 1: Task 2 is exited and eg. task 3 follows up (based on an entry criterion). At some point, the entry criteria for Task2 is met again during Task 3 execution. Will Task 2 be triggered once more if I link them somehow? Or once I complete a task, it can’t be called again?

Scenario 2: The task it is canceled (maybe blocked) by an event/value outside of it. At some other point, the criteria will be met again during the ongoing execution. Can the task be triggered again?

Scenario 3: Assuming the task was triggered once more from scenarios 1 or 2, can it be exited and then triggered once more? So, we will have actually triggered the task three times in total?

I’m setting up the example with tasks, but this could be folders or even complete cases, the only thing I’m worried about being able to trigger a task/folder/case multiple times based on different criteria or at different stages of the process and on the other hand, being able to somehow “freeze it” (hide it in the front end and the activate it again.

Scenario 1 : If the Task is marked “repeatable” then it can be triggered multiple times. It doesnt need to be “connected” to anything, instead the entry sentry condition simply needs to evaluate to true and Task 2 will be triggered. Be aware, if any tasks are repeatable, then you will need a way to signal completion of the stage.

Scenario 2 : See scenario 1

Scenario 3 : See scenario 1