Can we navigate to previously completed case task based on task outcome

If we have three case tasks, task1, task2, task3. Currently, if we are at task2 (please find in below diagram), based on the condition can we move tho task1 or task3. We are able to navigate to task3 but we aren’t able to navigate to task1.

for task3 sentry I’ve configured {variables:get(taskResult) == "task3"}, for task1 sentry I've configured {variables:get(taskResult) == “task1”}.

While completing task2 by providing ‘taskResult’ variable value to “task3” able to navigate to task3. But providing ‘taskResult’ variable to value to ‘task1’ we are unable to navigate to ‘task1’. Just it is completing task2. In case task Is it possible to navigate back to the previously executed task.


Hey @HarishArawala,

In order to be able to activate a previously activated task you will have to make it repeatable. Otherwise a task can only be completed once.



Thank you @filiphr,

Is it possible to repeat only one time like a normal flow such that it should release only one task when it is under execution. If yes, what is the repeat condition do I need to provide.

How did your case start. Which task was activated first? I see that task1 has another sentry. For the repetition you’ll have to look into that section in the modeler. There are different ways for configuring it.

yes, Task1 has another sentry but having no condition, added to start execute this task first when the case instance enters into this stage.

You’ll need to add a sentry to task1 that checks on the variable set in task3. However that means you can’t have an empty condition for the other sentry, as it would always be true. A way to model what you want, is make that sentry dependent on the ‘start’ event of its parent stage.

Hi, how do you make a task repeatable? Is it possible using flowable process editor?

That looks like a user task from a BPMN model, no? The discussion above here is about CMMN.

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yess, my fault! Thank you