How to map case task outcomes to make a decision

If we have three case tasks, userTask1, userTask2, userTask3. If we complete the userTask1 with the outcome as ‘accepted’ it should go to ‘userTask2’ if the outcome is ‘rejected’ it should go ‘userTask3’.

Is it possible in the flowable case, If yes how can we map the case task outcomes such that while complete task1 with the outcome it should navigate to usertTask2 or userTask3.


You could set a variable on the completion of task1 and the evaluate that variable for the condition on the entry criteria on the task2 and task3.

ie. For condition of task2
${var:get(taskPath) == ‘task2’}

${var:get(taskPath) == ‘task3’}

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Hi @tjmac,

Thank you, Todd McDonald, for your reply.

Can we navigate to previously completed case task based on task outcome

If we have three case tasks, task1, task2, task3. Currently, if we are at task2 (please find in below diagram), based on the condition can we move tho task1 or task3. We are able to navigate to task3 but we aren’t able to navigate to task1.

for task3 sentry I’ve configured ‘{variables:get(taskResult) == “task3”}’, for task1 sentry I’ve configured '{variables:get(taskResult) == “task1”}’.

While completing task2 by providing ‘taskResult’ variable value to “task3” able to navigate to task3. But providing ‘taskResult’ variable to value to ‘task1’ we are unable to navigate to ‘task1’. Just it is completing task2. In case task Is it possible to navigate back to the previously executed task.

Thank you


What is the other entry criteria on task1?


Entry criteria with empty condition so that when ever the case instance enters into this stage it will automatically release the task1.

By default in CMMN, every plan item has only one instance.
To do what you want, you need to make task 1’repeatable’. That way, a new instance will be created when the entry sentry becomes true.