Mass-delete Deployments

Dear Experts,

we wanted to clean-up one of our Flowable engines and I deleted all models, all input forms, all decision tables and all Apps manually and one by one - is there a way to do this in a more “elegant” manner?

However, even after this, when going to TASK or ADMIN, all old deployments remained in the engine and are even executable. So, we are very far from having cleaned-up the engine. I have now learned that I can delete the deployments one by one in ADMIN, but I wanted to know whether there is any possibility to delete all deployments with 1 mouse-click?

The same is needed for Apps, forms and DMN.



I do that by using the REST APIs using python scripts.
But it is not a 1 mouse-click approach.

Hi Douglas,

could you please elaborate a bit more on your solution? Perhaps we can pursue a similar approach. I do not insist on this 1 mouseclick :slightly_smiling_face: