Delete app inc. child deployments via REST


I see AppRepositoryService contains void deleteDeployment(String deploymentId, boolean cascade);

According to the JavaDoc the second parameter cascade deletes various dependencies. However I want to delete child deployments too (specifically deployment of the contained process definitions but others too are possible).

Do you think an overloaded method void deleteDeployment(String deploymentId, boolean cascade, boolean cascadeChildDeployments); would be a suitable approach?

With thanks

Hey @tstephen,

Deleting child deployments is a bit more tricky. The AppEngine itself does not really know about the child deployments.

Ideally the EngineDeployer will be extended to add a function like void deleteDeployment(String parentDeploymentId, boolean cascade) and then each deployer will be responsible for handling the deployment.

We could provide extended configurations via some interface that would allow a bit more configuration options in theory.