Manually run sql scripts for database migration

Hello everyone, I am doing a migration from Activiti 5 to Flowable 6. As the migration guide said, the database will be automatically migrated in the first launch of the application. But my database is very big, so I got some timeout that stop the migration process.

My question is can I manually run all needed scripts to migrate my database? And is there any stuff different than sql scripts that need to do for the database migration?

Thank you

All SQL scripts are in the zip file you can download from the website.
That (+ updated jars, of course) is all you need.

Do make a backup of the old database first, of course ;-).

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Thank you @joram
And as I found in the db migration code, we have 2 parts of sql scripts to run (1st for upgrade from 5.x to, and 2nd for upgrade from to current flowable version).
So is there anything need to take note before I run 2 parts of them manually?