Flowable database upgrade scripts

I have tried using the upgrade scripts (MySQL) for upgrading from version 6.4.1 to 6.7.2.

I have an issue because the FLW_EV_DATABASECHANGELOG gets set to ‘7:0aaa7b01343f4cdaf1019cd2de3f98f3’ in the upgrade 6.4.2.to.6.5.0 and therefore causes issues with the expetced version ‘8:1b0c48c9cf7945be799d868a2626d687’.
I have done the upgrade in test by switching on the automatic updates, but the application service user does not have the authority to create, drop etc…

I can manually update the FLW_EV_DATABASECHANGELOG values in line with the create scripts, but I am wondering - Is this an oversight in the upgrade scripts, or am I missing something?

Hey @garyb,

This might be something related to an upgrade of Liquibase and the fact that it can’t cope with an older hash for its changelogs.


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