Flowable 6.4.2 - database upgrade scripts


In the latest Flowable database upgrade scripts provided in Flowable 6.4.2 archive, (6.4.1 to 6.4.2 upgrade) I have noticed that the version is set to
Just wanted to ensure that this is normal as I was expecting version to be set to 6.4.2.


Hi Rémi,

Maybe we should have mentioned this in the release notes indeed.
The thing is that we are already working towards a 6.5.0 release and 6.4.2 was a release that included some of the features we planned for 6.5.0. But other features were taking longer than expected, so we decided to already do a 6.4.2 release. But the db scripts were already implemented with a versioning scheme towards the 6.5.0 release. With the 6.5.0 release the versioning will match again.

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Hi Tijs,

Got it, thanks