Manager managing its managees' tasks


Currently we are using Alfresco Share and the alvex-manager-dashboard-tasks addon.
What this addons does is to let users to configure an user as the manager of a group of users, and this manager is able to see all the task for all of its managees.

My doubt is if it would be possible to achieve this same kind of functionality with Flowable.

I was thinking about the application concept, if it would it be possible to define who is the manager for the application, and let him see all the tasks being executed by the managees?
Or in a simple form, something like defining a, lets say, sales group, and define the sales manager, and in someway, let him see and manage all the tasks and processes.

Thank you in advance.


As you point out, it needs the concept of a group “managers” or “owners”, which we don’t have in Flowable community yet. Alfresco Share doesn’t either, so I assume the alvex addon is using Alfresco Sites to define a team and managers.

It would be a nice feature to have, but needs a bit of thought to get right, as that kind of data is also something you’d expect to get via LDAP/AD or whatever identity management tool you’re using. It’d be good to hear other people’s thoughts.


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Yes, that is what the alvex addon does. It adds an orgchart where you can define all the roles.

Thank you for your answer.