Multiple Users to a Process

Hi. Is it possible for one user to have their tasks and processes available to another user on flowable-task app? Like an Admin role that can view all active processes regardless of process ownership? The idea is that some users may be unavailable and a team member has to cover for them.

Hi Jgg,

Users can be grouped to groups. Task in the process model can have candidate group. See examples in the flowable source.


Hi Martin,

I might not have been clear. I was wondering if 2 or more people can have concurrent ownership of the same process, not a single task. Or if possible, have someone with view permissions on another person’s active process?


If you add the 2 people to same group and assign each task to a candidate group ( group which contains those 2 people), then all the tasks created in the process will be visible to both of the users but once task is claimed my some user from the group, then it will be only visible to that user. For just viewing purpose for admin user, you can use flowable-admin app ( beware, its not only for viewing purpose, flowable-admin user can change data, kill process, basically do anything). For the part, that 2 users are concurrent owners of the process, it doesn’t make sense actually, because process is made up of task, so if user is candidate to any task, then he is already involved in the task ( only from the point he is involved to the point till he is candidate in some task). Also for viewing, I guess, flowable-task has some filter to see all the running processes/task, where user is involved, i think you can use that for viewing.