Mail Task to set Variable value


Have created a flow which gets triggered via a REST call. One of the steps in the Flow is sending an email. After this email is sent, I do another step for which I need to know if the Email has already been sent (its an Exclusive gateway) . My question is, is there a way to set a variable in the mail task ( so that I know in my process that the email has already been sent). One way to do this is by adding a Service-Task after Mail Task (where I can set a variable), but I don’t want to add this service task, just to set a variable value. Please advice, if this can be done in a mail task itself.


No not in the mail task, but you can add an execution listener to the outgoing sequence flow from the mail step. An execution listener is not visible in the diagram.

Thanks @joram for the reply. Tried it, it works :+1:

hii Mr.Joram,
mail task to create UI Application not sent the mail please explain how to give mail task UI Application