Localization of cases and plan items


A while back, I opened a post about the lack of localization support for processes and process definitions in the ProcessEngine (Localization of processes).
I ended up uploading a pull request that was merged and we’re now heavily using this feature.

At that time we weren’t using the CMMN Engine, so we didn’t notice the lack of support for this.
Now we are and we also need this. Is the team already planning of developing this type of feature for the CMMN Engine ?

We’re happy to contribute if there is nothing going on already.

Thank you,

No, right now there aren’t such plans. A mechanism similar to the BPMN counterpart would of course be very useful indeed.

I’ve just uploaded a pull request to add this feature:

Hey @DavidPLamas,

Thanks for the PR. We will review and get back to you.


Hey @filiphr,

Do you have any news about this? I would like to know if this is planned to be part of the next release.

Thank you,

Hi @DavidPLamas, we’ll go through the PR’s before the release. So this should be picked up indeed.